Hi Amp Circuit Breaker (80 amps) sPOD




Hi Amp Circuit Breaker from sPOD. The new Hi-Amp Circuit Protection Option. With the growing demand for higher current (amperage) and circuit protection, sPOD has designed and engineered a totally new option for the customers that need a higher current capacity with ultimate circuit protection! The existing circuit breaker we supply has a high limit of 50 amps. Our new Hi-Amp Circuit Protection will bring it up to 80 amps! We call it a Duty Safe Breaker.

The term Duty Safe comes from the idea that most things that are added to vehicles do not run 100 percent of the time but when they are running they can draw high currents. So a duty cycle concept for a circuit breaker is needed for these applications.
The benefits of this are:

  • No mechanical parts or contacts to wear out.
  • It's self healing so no replacement is required.
  • It will not reset if there is an actual circuit fault.
  • It helps prevent a reset until short is fixed by working thermally.
  • Allows up to 80 amps before shutting off the system.
  • Fully integrated into the positive power cable.

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