6 Circuit Power Distribution System Self Contained sPOD




6 Circuit Power Distribution System Self Contained. Easy to install! Comes fully wired and integrated. No assembly required!andnbsp;Two battery cables and 4 holes required for mounting using supplied 1/4-20 hardware. No wiring required, no messing around with switches, relays, fuses and cable routing! Easy access to add your accessories and just a phillips head screwdriver is all that is needed toandnbsp;attach your accessories! Toss the relay, switch and fuse that comes with the electrical accessory and just attach the positive and negative wires to any of the 6 outputs on our Source, flip a switch and you're done!
This self contained system is very compact (8Wx8Lx3H) and is a turn-key solution for power/switch control for:

  • Utility Trucks/Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Chase Trucks
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Camping Trailers
  • Work truck beds with tool boxes
  • Expedition Trailers/Vehicles
  • Made in the U.S.A.!

The Self contained system 6 Circuit power distribution system includes:

  • 6 single incandescent lighted switches SPST only
  • Heavy duty mounting bracket which is made of 14 GA. C.R.S., formed, welded and powder-coated
  • 12 position terminal block for accessory attachment
  • 6 Bosch style cube style relays SPST 40 amp plug-in style
  • 6 ATO style automotive fuses 3 15 amp and 3 30 amp supplied
  • 6 Diodes to protect sensitive accessories such as LED lights from field collapse
  • Inline 50 amp manual resetting circuit breaker
  • 8 gauge power leads with crimped and soldered terminal for connection to the battery
  • Integrated LVCO Low-Voltage-Cut-Off circuit that detects the battery voltage and will cut-off at 10.6VDC and cuts-back in at 12.4VDC so there is enough juice to start your vehicle in case you left an accessory on!
  • Fuse for LVCO which can be removed to bypass the LVCO
  • Mounting bracket with hardware (paper drill template included)

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