Add-On sPOD SE Source w/ 36 Inch Battery Cables sPOD

sPODSKU: 8-700-SE36



Time to add a second SE Source to your system? No more worrying about what rated fuse to install! The system will protect from 1.5 amps to 30 amps automatically. The SourceSE incorporates a fail safe self-healing fault protection system. Fuses have been eliminated (for all accessory outputs) and replaced with current-sensing MOSFETs controlled by a microprocessor. This is a great feature for low maintenance and troubleshooting

Shield receptacle for the optional Bluetooth module for a plug-n-play end-user upgrade. This creates a scale-able platform for future optional enhancements.
Low voltage cutoff (LVCO) battery protection circuit has spec voltage cutoff at 11.2 VDC with a two-minute delay before shutting down theSourceSE.

This is useful when you have accessories turned on while the vehicle is not running. When the vehicle starts, the accessories can then be used again. The low voltage battery protection circuit can be turned off with the DIP switches.

  • Comes with 36 Inch battery cables
  • Eight circuits rated at 30amps at 12.5vdc per circuit that are End-User friendly
  • Terminal block for attaching accessories.
  • Expandable (daisychained selectable) to up to 32 circuits with simple plug-n-play features!
  • One single ATM mini-style fuse for LVCO protection and reset
  • Comes standard with:
  • 36 inch battery cables
  • 36 inch CAT6 Cable
  • Universal Source Mounting Bracket

Please indicate if you are running LUX Lighting System's LED lights. We will include a resistor that is required in order for the lights to function properly.

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